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the workout

Functional training is a form of exercise that trains the body to perform everyday life activities
more easily and without injuries. 

It benefits all fitness levels by training the body to work efficiently no matter what the activity. Whether you're bending, standing, or twisting during your routine day or training to walk or run a race, functional training gives you the strength, flexibility, and endurance you need to perform those tasks efficiently and safely. 

What is functional training?

cardio and strength training

Our functional training boot camp caters to people of all fitness levels. Classes include a variety of exercises to improve flexibility, core, balance, cardio, strength and power.

The class is run in a circuit style setting so training difficulty steadily increases and is repeated frequently. There are usually 6-8 stations within our circuit. You are at each station anywhere from 30-60 seconds and then it’s on to the next station.

There is usually a separate session in the beginning, middle or end of the class that focuses on upper, lower body or core. This is a quick session outside of the circuit lasting approximately 2+ minutes.

Boredom is not an option here. The circuits are different every day so you’ll never do the same workout twice.

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